Paragon Men – Eddie Cambio we’re talking juicy lips and a round, banging, spank-able bottom

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Paragon Men says: We’re not that demanding. All we ask for is a striking, perfect body, brains, personality, charm and cash in the bank. Eddie Cambio ticks all boxes – another whole picture PECture.

Born in Rhode Island, Eddie was raised in sunny so-Flo where he works by day as a trainer and by night as a hot ticket male stripper. Smoke on that, Channing Tatum. Eddie seeks a partner who’s caring, outgoing and optimistic.

While he likes good bone structure, it’s what’s on the (his?) bone that counts. He’s talking juicy lips and a round, banging, spank-able bottom.

Eddie’s own ideal thickness extends to his beautifully bangin’ cock and ass. He shakes that moneymaker and spreads the… wealth. Eddie is VERY OPEN (need we say more?) and it’s in this generosity of spirit that will see him skyrocketing to international acclaim.

The rose tattoo and the Jurassic arm – they represent his childhood. He keeps that part private – but that’s all. For now, he’s just new to the business and highly suggestible.

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