Ginger stud Red Robert strips naked showing off his belly slapper dick and low hanging big balls

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Island Studs says: Horny ripped bearded ginger-haired Red Robert is back, proudly showing off his a full bush of red hot hair surrounding his always hard super fat pink belly slapper and heavy low hanging donkey balls.

Robert has a perfect amount of ginger fur covering his pecs, an impressive set of 8-pack of abs, and a creamy white Nebraska farm-boy butt.

He sports a thick red beard trimmed playfully into “Tiger Stripes”, spreads his ass cheeks open a record-breaking 8 times, exposing his ginger gaping red hot manhole.

Then Robert walks rock hard and paints a fence high up a ladder, harvests Hawaiian papayas, and pounds fences posts into the rich soil fully naked wearing only garden gloves and rubber boots.

He bends over repeating doing his sweaty garden chores, manhandles his big red balls, slow strokes, and edges his fat boner in the garden, moans loudly as he explodes, shooting streams of cum all over this hairy ripped abs and muscular thighs.

Robert walks to the shower with his throbber dripping cum, pees in the shower, before scrubbing his feet clean with his donkey balls dangles between this bubble butt.

There is no one quite like Red Robert: Happy, Friendly, Playful, and Fun to watch moving naked throughout the Tropical Garden with his bright red ‘Fire Crotch’ glistening in the Hot Hawaiian Sun.

A very popular guy returns. Robert is now sporting a full red beard sculpted into Tiger Stripes.

“My friends call me Tigger, like in the Disney movies,” Robert states with a smile as he shows off his unique facial hair.

This is super talkative Red Robert’s second exclusive video.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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