Martin Pesek’s huge twink dick bareback fucking Tomas Salek’s tight bubble ass hole

William Higgins says: Sexy str8 guy Martin Pesek gets his cherry busted today. The lucky guy who gets to fuck that hot ass is handsome str8 guy Tomas Salek. They sit on the bed as Tomas chats to Martin and then starts to kiss him.

He soon has Martin bare-chested and kisses that hot chest. Then Martin removes Tomas’ tee shirt to show off his hot body too. Tomas kisses down Martin’s body, removing the shorts and then the underwear too. He sucks on Martin’s big, hard, cock That hot mouth sucks on Martin’s dick so well, taking it deep. read more

New boy casting Zdenek Tuma is aged 21 years old and lives in Prague


William Higgins says: Zdenek Tuma is aged 21 years old and lives in Prague. This hot and handsome straight guy is a student who enjoys sports, boxing and fitness. He is a real stunner and looks great as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview.
Then Zdenek stand and removes his tee shirt to show off his magnificent body. He runs his hands all over his chest and flexes his huge biceps. He also slides a hand inside his pants to grope himself. Then Zdenek turns and flexes some more.
He enjoys poses for the cameras and turns again, groping himself as he slides down his pants. He takes them off and then stands, naked before us. His dick is already quite hard and Zdenek grabs it and begins to wank. As he wanks that cock our camera pans over Zdenek’s hot body.
He lays on the bed and wanks a little before lifting his legs in the air to show off his ass. He spreads the ass cheeks to expose his tight hole as he grabs his dick for more wanking. Then he uses both hands to really pull the cheeks wide apart.
Next he kneels on the bed and rubs his body and he thrusts his hips, making his hard cock bob up and down. Needing to cum Zdenek lays down again and wanks his throbbing cock, as the balls get tight around his shaft. The cum erupts from his cock, shooting up his hot chest.
After milking the cock dry Zdenek goes off to the shower to clean up. read more

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Igor Galek bareback fucks Peter Lipnik's sexy ass going harder and deeper

William Higgins says: Igor Galek’s screen test see him joined by Peter Lipnik. They sit on the bed and chat for a while, to find out a little about Igor. Then Peter reaches and starts to feel Igor. He kisses him too. He opens Igor’s jeans and takes out his cock.
Then Peter removes his tee shirt and begins wanking Igor’s cock. They keep up the kissing too. Peter kisses Igor’s chest and then starts to suck his cock as well. As he sucks the cock it begins to swell in Peter’s mouth. Soon it is rock hard from the sucking and Peter wanks and licks it.
Then Peter removes his shorts to release his own stiff cock. he lays on the bed and raises his legs as Igor slides his big cock into the waiting ass. The big cock goes deep into Peter’s ass and starts fucking. Peter takes hold of his own cock and wanks it as Igor’s fucking speeds up.
The big cock pounds into Peter’s tight hole as he continues wanking himself. Then Peter moves onto his knees, with Igor behind him. Igor’s cock slides back into Peter’s hot hole and fucks him some more. The guys move into spoon position with Igor’s rock hard cock deep in Peter’s ass.
Peter still wanks himself as Igor stretches his hot hole. Then Peter’s wanking comes to a climax as he shoots his hot cum onto his belly. Igor continues to fuck that sexy ass, going harder and deeper until he is ready to blow his load too.
Then he pulls out and wanks his cock until it dumps its’ load too. read more

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Gay porn site William Higgins wins 5 star review

In terms of gay porn history William Higgins is up there with the original pioneers producing world beating gay hardcore porn. Around the turn of the century he set up in Europe, in the fair city of Prague and started producing high quality gay porn featuring lithe young athletic European studs. What has not changed over all the years is William Higgins production standards. In fact William Higgins produces some of the best, hardcore gay porn on the planet.

The William Higgins website is packed to the rafters with features and there is plenty to keep the avid young men gay porn fan happy. The men are young, some with ripped six pack abs and well defined hunks. Many are extremely attractive, good looking with huge European uncut dicks. Aged between 18 and 25 years old, the thousands of boys here are smooth chested, with little or no facial hair and without the masses of tattoos that are so in vogue with world famous gay porn stars.
William Higgins categorizes it’s updates into one of fifteen different categories. These are Session Stills, Erotic Solo, Casting Videos, Full Contact, Wank Party, Kink, Czech Up, Wrestling, Gonzo, Helping Hand, Massage, Soft Duos, Fetish Butique, Backstage and DVD Scenes.
Session Stills and Backstage show behind the scenes action showing how William Higgins create their videos and photo sessions often including the cameraman. Casting Videos help us to get to know the new young men appearing on the site in their very first scene or photoshoot. Often the guys are a little nervous and unsure of things at least at first.

Full Contact are scenes showing fit young men and boys in hardcore action, including sucking cocks and fucking tight young asses. Wank Party are usually set around a scene of a group of young studs jerking their big uncut dicks till they spurt huge cumshots. Additionally the guys might end up fucking, so involves orgies of 5-10 boys.
The scenes in Kink and Fetish Butique switch things up a bit with fun BDSM flavored themes. Here you will find guys engaging in having their asses spanked or bound and gagged. This is far from hardcore BDSM but more a lighthearted tilt to it. Czech Up involves boys and young men having medical checkups where the doctor takes advantage of their nakedness and sucks their cocks or fucks their asses.
Helping Hand and Massage show guys with their cocks and asses being manhandled. Wrestling scenes show sexy young guys in full wrestling kit going the full 10 rounds fighting and slowly getting themselves stripped as they go. Gonzo is William Higgins POV (Point Of View) whereby the guys involved in the sex actually hold the cameras and film themselves having sex. Then Soft Duos involves two guys enjoying balls deep blowjobs, and finally DVD Scenes show videos taken from the extensive range of DVD’s produced by William Higgins.
William Higgins is a truly massive site with over 2,000 videos as of today with updates every single day of the week. Also included is the William Higgins archive which has another 3,000 plus videos and 7,000 plus photo galleries.

The newest videos are provided in the most popular MP4 format in various sizes that are suitable for desktops (Mac and PC) as well as tablet and mobile phones. Please note that older videos (before June 2014) in the largest HD format are not available for member download unless you pay an additional cost. Clicking on these large videos takes you to the William Higgins store where you can purchase them. HD videos after Jun 2014 however, are available free to members. William Higgins has also introduced ultra HD 4K videos for members.
There is an abundance of photos with hands free slideshows and zipped download files. The numbers of photos per shoot is around 200 and 450 per shoot. Although as you can imagine with so many photos there are often many shots which are almost identical. As most of you say you love photos as much as you love the videos then this is not seen by most as a negative.
As you can imagine with a site of such size, navigation could be an issue, however William Higgins arrange things quite well. You can also search by category or the model’s name. Although many models only have a first name and there are quite a number with the same first name.
You can also further search by tags so if you are interesting in spanking or bareback you can easily find all those videos and photoshoots.

One of the joys of William Higgins is that they provide a full description of the scenes. Leaving you in no doubt what the action is you will see in the accompany video or photoshoot.
Clicking on the model info link will give you comprehensive information about that particular model, including age, dick size etc. This gives the William Higgins site a lot of character and is one of the things that users ask for time and time again. You will not be disappointed here.
Additional things to note is that in the first month of membership, users are restricted to a daily video download limit of 7 GB per day. After the first month this limit is removed so you are free to download everything you want. There is also a pre-checked email signup on the join page, if you do not want to join the William Higgins mailing list then you must remove this before signing up.
So to wrap up William Higgins is a solid trusted name in young men gay porn. If you are drawn to the attractions of European young men and boys aged 18 to 25 years old with large uncut dicks and fit muscular young bodies then you should definitely check William Higgins out. enough content to keep the avid fan busy for years. And given that they update on a daily basis, you really do get a lot for your money. William Higgins is one of our top gay porn sites and comes highly recommended. Cheers My Gay Porn List
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