Tyler Rivers and Dominic Couture

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Video Boys says: Both Tyler Rivers and Dominic Couture have learned a few tricks. Dominic put his oral skills to use right away and Tyler proved to be an enthusiastic rimmer. And this time around Tyler got a chance to take his revenge on Dominic for taking his virginity by pounding Dominic hard right off the bat. But it wasn’t long before Tyler felt the urge to re-try Dominic’s big dick and so he sat down on it and rode it like never before. It wasn’t long before the “Dom” in Dominic came to the surface and he flipped Tyler onto his back and fucked him with an enthusiasm we haven’t seen in him before. read more

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David Corey

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Video Boys says: And after a walk in the rain, a warm shower really gets David Corey hard. Watching water flow over David’s sexy body is a wonder of nature. And when he’s sufficiently soaked and excited, David showers himself with some liquid cum of his own.

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Jason Martin and Shawn Beliveau

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Video Boys says: It’s always exciting to watch a tough guy like Shawn Beliveau gently kissing a boy or licking up and down his cock. But that’s just a side show. The main attraction is when he starts fucking.
And Jason Martin is ready to take everything this construction worker has to give him. Though Jason is taller than Shawn, Shawn’s strength and dominating personality were a good match for Jason who really just wanted a good fucking.
The mood is more animalistic than romantic in this duo, and that’s just what the doctor ordered. Jason was so excited his orgasm came without warning and the cum almost put out his eye. read more

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Damien Gunn

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Video Boys says: Eighteen year old pretty boy Damien Gunn treats us some playful pics/vids of sexy young body and big cock.
Damien is a master of seducing the camera. The sultry looks and the teasing reveal of skin is a tantalizing start. But when he gets down to business the show gets pretty explicit. He recreated one of his sexting sessions for us here.

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Vic Palmer

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Video Boys says: The first time we saw Vic Palmer naked his dick was soft and quite frankly we thought it was pretty average as soft dicks go. We turned away for just a minute or two and when we turned back there was this pole of flesh sticking straight out at us and we just couldn’t believe our eyes.

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Zac Hunter and Jo Diamond

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Video Boys says: Jo Diamond has a big hard dick and really loves to use it. Zac Hunter longs to be a power bottom but he still struggles with the bigger dicks.
But his horniness compels him to push his boundaries every chance he gets. With all this sexual energy bouncing around the room, there was no point in trying to direct the action.
We just let them go at it and it was like having anti-matter and matter colliding with an explosion of energy and an even greater explosion of cum. We haven’t seen such a complete cum-soaking in a long time. read more

Dominic Couture and Jimmy Little

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Video Boys says: Dominic Couture and Jimmy Little are sitting out on the balcony sharing a smoke and some conversation when the topic turned to Jimmy’s juicy cock. Something about being outside and almost visible to people passing by got Dominic excited and he just had to reach over and suck Jimmy’s cock right there under the sunshine.
The sound of the traffic and people passing just below was just as exciting for Jimmy so he pushed Dominic to the balcony floor and sucked cock like he was eating a popsicle. The space was a bit too cramped to go all the way so the boys came back inside so that Jimmy could use the extra space (and privacy) to bury his face in Dominic’s ass.
Once Dominic’s hole was all wet and slippery, Jimmy shoved his big cock in and Dominic got one of the best fuckings he’s had in years. read more

Liam Emerson and Samuel Stone

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Video Boys says: Samuel Stone pounded Liam Emerson’s ass for as long as he could take it without cumming and then Samuel requested his turn for some anal pleasure. Liam was ready to give as good as he got and Samuel couldn’t have been happier.
When Liam flipped him onto his back and fucked away until he hit just the right spot, Samuel blasted a huge load of cum onto his abs and Liam’s followed right after him with a fountain of cum that soaked Samuel from crotch to throat. read more