Ace (Danny)

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The Guy Site says: Ace (Danny) was discovered working a juice bar at a gym. What a waste of talent. He’s a mix of Puerto Rican, Irish, and, Italian. He’s got a big bubble ass and seems interested in maybe doing an action scene. Check him out now busting a big gushing nut for your pleasure and his.

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The Guy Site says: Derek Thibeau is one hell of a sexy muscle dude. Here we see him strip naked and wank his long thick muscle dick. Derek has a gorgeous face with a killer smile.
As he jerks his cock he looks into the camera as he wanks out a load of hot muscle cum.

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Sexy built bodybuilder Ty shows off his muscles

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The Guy Site says: Muscleman Ty is looking to make a name for himself in bodybuilding so he wanted a little anonymity by wearing a hat. He doesn’t even take it off in the shower. Except for the top of his head, you get to see everything else from his thighs on up including of course his long uncut dick.

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See sexy built bodybuilder Ty shows off his muscles here!

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Mike Buffalari

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The Guy Site says: Mike Buffalari has not be around on the bodybuilding fame scene for awhile. The day prior to this, Mike turned 29 years old. He’s way bigger and beefier than the last time Mike was on the site. His massive V-Shaped torso is held up by those huge thighs. His shape is perfect for the massive bodybuilding champ he is.

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Chace Lachance

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The Guy Site says: Competitive arm wrestler Chace Lachance is back, his last visit caused a bit of a stir as everyone seemed to like his chiseled body and especially his goose egg biceps. His appeal doesn’t end there. He has a huge dick like a weapon. Now he’s back to show you every inch of his body starting with shaving off his beard so you can see his handsome face.

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