Leo Forte and Blue Bailey (The Pack Pt1)


Naked Sword says: How far should you go to belong? In NakedSword’s The Pack, Cam Christou is about to find out. On a New York subway car, tense newcomer Pony (Cam Christou) sees two hot guys (Leo Forte and Blue Bailey) making out. He wants to join them, but he misses his chance when they get off the train.
Maybe it’s for the best, after all, these boys aren’t messing around. In a dark and powerful scene unlike most anything you’ve seen before, the boys fight for dominance in the kitchen of their apartment.
Blue wins the first round, fucking Leo’s hungry hole, but Leo isn’t one to submit (at least not easily), and soon he’s showing who’s really in charge. A scene you have to see to believe. read more

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Adam Killian, Spencer Reed, Jesse Santana in huge gay sex orgy

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Dark Alley’s Tag Team Breeders dirty sluts who want their asses plowed by two sexy sweaty men and their huge cocks

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Estate of Man with David Sweet and Zsolt at Naked Sword

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Leo Forte and Blue Bailey (The Pack Pt1)

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Naked Sword says: How far should you go to belong? In NakedSword’s The Pack, Cam Christou is about to find out. On a New York subway car, tense newcomer Pony (Cam Christou) sees two hot guys (Leo Forte and Blue Bailey) making out. He wants to join them, but he misses his chance when they get off the train. read more

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Brady Jensen and Brian Bonds at Naked Sword

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C.U.M. from Eric Videos starring Teddy, Hunter, Eric, Karim and Alejando

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The first scene features Teddy getting filled from a nuts-filled blue ballin’ hot top. read more

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Justin West & Eric Michaels gay sex orgy at Naked Sword

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Eldorado Pictures presents Fucked-Raw Alessio Romero, Alex Mason, Brad Kalvo, Hugh Hunter, Jackson Fillmore, Marcos Mateo, Matt Stevens, Ray Diesel and Stephen Harte

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Adam Killian, D.O., Kyle Quinn, Lucas Young, Micah Brandt, Trent Atkins, Trey Turner at Naked Sword

Naked Sword says: The temperature is rising and this group of studs sends the mercury even higher with scorching action. Every scene gets hotter than the previous, as each heated sexual exchange builds to a fiery frenzy. With exclusives D.O. and Micah Brandt, as well as fan favorite Adam Killian headlining the cast, nothing’s gonna cool down until all the guys reach their boiling point and shatter their thermometers. This DVD will get you fired up. Starring Adam Killian, D.O., Kyle Quinn, Lucas Young, Micah Brandt , Trent Atkins and Trey Turner. read more

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