Zion Jay Prescott and Jake Marshall


Hot Dads Hot Lads says: Zion Jay Prescott and Jake Marshall kiss passionately on the couch. Zion plays with Jakes nipples, then unzips Jake’s jeans to get at daddy’s cock.
Jake stands up while Zion blows his prick. Jake pulls Zion’s briefs down and Zion lays on the couch, his ass up in the air.
Jake tongues Zion’s ass getting it wet and ready. Jake plows Zion doggy style on the couch. Zion sits on the couch and now it’s his turn to top from the bottom.
Jake sits on Zion’s massive cock riding it pleasurably. Zion lays face up on the couch and Jake fucks him again. With Jake inside, Zion Jay Prescott jerks off a load onto his abs.
Jake Marshall pulls out and shoots his load on Zion’s abs, too. Then bends over for a sweet kiss. read more

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Tony Zorta and Diego Brassi


Hot Dads Hot Lads says: Tony Zorta is not interested in what Professor Diego Brassi is trying to teach him. Tony has other things in mind, giving his professor a french kiss and foreplay.
Diego leans over and sucks Tony’s humongous dick, he feels Diego’s warm mouth and skilled tongue on his cock. Tony then plants his face in Diego’s ass getting it wet and ready for cock.
Diego then turns back around and swallows Tony’s giant cock. Diego bends over on the couch and Tony drives his cock bareback inside Diego’s hole.
After getting slammed from behind Diego wants to fuck sideways. Tony slams his cock raw while holding Diego’s chiseled body. Hot dad Diego moans while taking the young lads raw cock.
Diego lays on a mat on the floor, Tony pulls him closer towards him and pile-drives his ass, Diego taking it like a champ.
Tony can’t hold back and winds up cumming all over Diego’s thigh. Tony Zorta sucks his nipples making Diego Brassi shoots his load. They end up with a kiss. read more

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Drew Sebastian and Trelino

Drew pulls out and launches a thick load on Trelino’s face and in his mouth!….. read more

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Nick Capra and Sebastian Torres

Sebastian fills muscle daddy Nick’s mouth with hot cum! read more

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Trenton Ducati and Andrew Markus


Hot Dads Hot Lads says: Muscle dad Trenton Ducati and trim Andrew Markus kiss passionately. Trenton takes the young lad’s shirt off, licking and sucking his nipples. Andrew strokes Trenton’s cock, getting it hard. He leans over and sucks the stiff rod.
Trenton moans, showing off his muscular body, then face fucks Andrew. He takes Andrew’s briefs off and spreads his sweet ass cheeks, fingering Andrew’s hole. Trenton takes turns rimming and fingering Andrew’s ass, as well as sucking his cock from behind.
Trenton rubs his stiff cock in between Andrew’s butt cheeks. He slams his cock on Andrew’s ass making him moan. Trenton lays down, and Andrew hops on the huge pole for a rid.
Andrew flips around bringing Trenton’s cock deeper in him. Andrew lays down while Trenton sucks his toes, making him beg for cock. Trenton listens to the lad and gives in, thrusting his rock hard dick in Andrew’s ass.
Andrew jerks off all over his body while Trenton fucks him. Trenton Ducati pulls out and shoots his huge load on Andrew’s torso. Andrew Markus rubs the cum all over this body and they kiss one last time. read more

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Jason Prode and Austin Ryan

Jason pushes his thick pole into Austin’s tight man hole! read more

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Anthony London and Lucas Knight


Hot Dads Hot Lads says: Lucas Knight penetrates Anthony London’s hairy tight hole and Anthony enjoys every inch of the massive meat stick. Anthony lays on his back and Lucas Knight plows his cock into him before releasing a load in his mouth. read more

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Doug Jeffries and Sean Blue

Doug fucks Sean on the couch, thrusting deep into the lad’s tight hole!…… read more

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Drake Jaden and Mike Chambers

Mike turns on his stomach and daddy Drake plugs his tight hole!….. read more

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Brad Kalvo and Blake Stone

Blake lets Brad indulge on his tight hole! read more

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