Cole Money fucks Max Summerfield’s big booty with his monster cock


Gay Hoopla says: Was Cole Money really having engine problems? Or was Max Summerfield used as a pawn to get Cole’s nut off? Lets pretend we care and just watch Cole seduce Max’s hard bodied cock in his mouth.

Cole tasted Max’s sweaty cock dripping down his throat. He then took Max inside to fuck his big booty with his monster cock. read more

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David Vano


Gay Hoopla says: Professional fighter David Vano shows off his incredible kick boxing and boxing skills. This is definitely the guy you want on your team in a scuffle.
What we like most about David is how pure and soulful he is. He’s a very well thought out individual, who feels one with the earth. Check this mystique stud bare all and give you direct access to his mind and body. read more

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Gay Hoopla Cole Money sucks Jason Keys' huge cock then rims his asshole


Gay Hoopla says: Cole Money fucks, sucks and eats Jason Keys.

See Gay Hoopla Cole Money sucks Jason Keys’ huge cock then rims his asshole here! read more

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Max Summerfield, Ken Ott and Jeff Niels


Gay Hoopla says: Max Summerfield always had a thing for being the badass of the house. No one ever fucked with him or gave him shit. How could it be anymore ironic that he himself, would dream of being scared and not so macho.
Max finds himself running from something that he’s first unsure of. He finds himself locked in a closet alone in the pitch black.
After the door creaked open, Max finds Ken Ott and Jeff Niels on their knees, cuffed around Max’s leg. They start kiss and blowing him until Max erupts.
Max then finds himself in a completely different setting looking in the mirror as he’s washing his face. He hears a voice, but can’t seem to figure out whom it is, until Ken shows.
He asked Ken,”Why do you keep reappearing in my dreams? I’ll destroy you.” Max having to prove he’s el hefe, annihilates Ken’s butt hole.
After some intense fucking, Max slaps the shit out of Ken and cums all over him. read more

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Trevor Brown’s first time his tight ass gets a fucking by Bradley Whitman’s huge American dick

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Gay Hoopla says: A couple weeks ago, Bradley Whitman had his first time topping, bottoming, kissig a guy… all on camera.

This week, Trevor Brown does his first-ever scene on camera, but it’s NOT his first time with a guy. He’s told us before he likes to bottom. read more

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Hot gay 3-way fuck with Caden Carli, Alex Griffen, and Collin Simpson

Gay Hoopla says: A hot 3-way with Collin Simpson topping Caden Carli and Alex Griffen “and if they’re lucky, they might get to top me.”
Collin really shows off his Alpha status in this one. It’s a 3-way, but make no mistake, this is all about Collin making himself the center of attention of the other two.
These guys were all really into each other, so there wasn’t much instruction that had to happen. We just let the action happen.
Alex says that he’s looking forward to bottoming for Collin “cuz I like muscle guys.” The three guys hint that they maybe had some fun together the night before, and once the action starts, there’s no holding back. Caden goes right for Collin’s dick.
“I want YOU guys to pleasure ME,” Collin tells them. He’s taking control of the guys, telling them what to do and how he wants it done. Collin lays back and lets the two young men worship his body. He’s really getting off on being the center of attention of these guys. Their mouths are all over every inch of his chest, dick and ass.
“Which one of you wants to get fucked first?” Collin asks. Caden says “ME.”
Collin slowly slides his dick in Caden’s hole and stretches it just a bit before slamming his dick deeper and deeper in. Caden takes a bit of time to get used to it, but once he does, he’s enjoying the ride.
Collin gets Caden on his back so we have some really good camera angles of the fucking. Alex’s dick stays rock hard the whole time from fucking Caden’s mouth. He knows he’s next.
Alex wants to get fucked “doggie” first. He gets down on all fours and Collin slides his dick in. “You’re so tight,” Collin tells him, “just relax.” Once he’s in, Collin ramps up the speed and really lets him have it.
Collin gets Alex to ride his dick while Caden sucks his dick. We see those amazing abs of his popping out while Alex rides him.
Alex and Caden them get down to suck the cum out of Collin. Collin blows a bit load… but it’s not over yet.
Now it’s time for Collin to get fucked. Caden goes first, fucking Collin on his back. Caden fucks him until he blows a load on Collin’s abs and then it’s Alex’s turn. Even though Collin’s been getting fucked, Alex’s big dick pushes Collin to his limit. “You like that big dick in your ass, muscle boy?” Yeah… Alex is now having some fun taunting Collin… and Collin is loving it. Tell him,”you can cum all over my ass if you want to.”
And he does.
This is the perfect way to end the year. Three hot young men having some naked fun together. Everyone got fucked and everyone blew a big load. read more

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Collin Simpson bottoms for Kyle Dean's huge erect cock


Gay Hoopla says: After Collin Simpson butt fucked Kyle Dean for his first dick ever, he felt the sudden urge to want that same feeling. Kyle Dean took that Cialis cock, and shoved it right into that dark space. This was Collin’s first time ever taking a cock as well and enjoyed it so much.
It’s been quite the new experience for Collin but he’s become a huge fan of all this ass play. After some intense banging, Kyle Dean squirted all over Collin’s ass. Collin loved feeling the warm cum all over it that he just twerked that shit like he was trying to win a contest.
Of course, Collin Simpson and Kyle Dean had to have a flex-off after the hook-up to see who had the better bod. read more

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After being hard fucked doggystyle Blake Jackson pumps a major cum load into Neal Peterson’s mouth


Gay Hoopla says: Blake Jackson says he’s a sexual being that is total comfortable with his sexuality. For Blake’s first gay experience, we paired him with Neal Peterson. Blake and Neal started with a genuine, soft, loving kiss.
We new at this point Blake would be a passionate lover who’d totally fulfill our every fantasy. Neal straddled Blake as they were making out and felt Blake’s big dick start to rock up.
He pulled Blake’s pants down and slobbered all over that boner. Blake would control Neal’s head most the time as he force fed him his pipe.
As the tension picked up, Neal got picked up and railed with his legs behind his head. It didn’t take long for Neal to bust a load when he climbed on top of Blake’s hard cock.
After being man handled into doggystyle, Blake set off a major load right into Neal’s mouth. Neal cleaned up all the droppings making sure none of Blake’s sweet cum hit the floor.
Great debut for Blake Jackson. read more

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Jeff Niels, Max Summerfield and Cole Money


Gay Hoopla says: Jeff Niels is skinny dipping in the swimming pool, enjoying the water jets playing on his soft dick. The water makes his dick get hard just as Cole Money and Max Summerfield swim in from either side and latch onto Jeff’s meaty member. read more

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