Naked young guys trio with Luke Desmond, Damian Boss and Billy Rubens

Eurocreme says: Even twinks can have a past. Especially when they’re handsome, sexy, and hung like Luke Desmond. He used to work at The Toolbox but left because of Damian Boss.

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Of course, we’re not privy as to why but whatever the reason, this is a fine example of what happens when your past comes up to bite you in the ass, as it were. read more

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JP Dubois pulls his big cock out just in time to spray cum all over Milo Taylor

Eurocreme says: If only we all had an interview like this. Eager to join the DreamBoy Hotel, sexy Scouser Milo Taylor meets up with manager JP Dubois for his job interview, and from the moment he claps eyes on him, he’s lovestruck. Or at the very least, struck by lust.
Unable to focus on anything JP says to him, all Milo seems capable of doing is getting harder and harder in his pants, and JP is keen to make a mention of it. Feeling the same way about his wannabe employee, JP strips himself slowly, leaving Milo in no doubt of where this meeting is going.
After some damn hot cock sucking, JP pushes Milo down over his glass desk, letting us have a great view of this virgin twink getting fucked, leaving his hot young hole worn and wet, covered in jets of spunk from JP, pulling out just in time to spray all over Milo. read more

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Jordan Jacobs and Alfie Bee can’t wait to get into each other’s pants and fuck furiously

Eurocreme says: Going deeper into Lyle’s private life we find that he has a female friend and that the two of them have come up with an ingenious scheme to get two of their hot friends Jordan Jacobs and Alfie Bee hooked up. How will they do this?
Maybe get a flash mob together and surprise them in the local mini branch of a much bigger supermarket chain. No. “Film Night” That’s right Lyle has cunningly picked out a romantic film turned down the light and put out some bowls of popcorn.
Now all Lyle and his girl friend have to do is sit and wait for cupid to shoot his arrow. As planned Jordan and Alfie start feeling the power of this cunning plan and edge close and closer till they get contact.
Sneaking off to another room, they can’t wait to get into each other’s pants and fuck furiously on Lyle’s bed leaving only the smell of sweat on the sheets for Lyle. read more

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All American daddy hunk Samuel Colt fucks younger Darius Ferdynand’s tight asshole

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Eurocreme says: All American hunk Samuel Colt bursts onto the Dads Fucking Lads with the slightly more muscular Darius Ferdynand being his fuck buddy for the day.

Although they’ve never met before, they were immediately rock hard at the sight and thought of what’s to come. Young Darius can’t help but work his lips and tongue over daddy Samuel’s rock hard pecs and abs, covered in hair and working his way down to the biggest treat of all. read more

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Luke Desmond and Billy Rubens


Eurocreme says: It’s a perfect match between Luke Desmond and Billy Rubens, two guys who are both lean, toned, with their six-packs flexing together as Billy slides his dick in and out of Luke’s tight boy hole. Luke’s own dick is rock solid as Billy works closer and closer to him. They kiss each other as they build into the biggest orgasm these boys have ever had, Billy playing with the freshly jazzed spunk, much to Luke’s delight. read more

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Jack Raw and Geoffrey Paine


Eurocreme says: Geoffrey Paine has the perfect slow stance when it comes to fucking and, with his hands on his own hips, he works Jack Raw’s hole slow, hard, fast and gently. Being twisted and turned into positions he’s never even thought possible, Geoffrey teaches his twink all the moves in a hard fuck he’ll never forget. read more

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Aaron Aurora and Billy Rubens


Eurocreme says: Mr Dom lubes up his condom covered cock and pulls Billy Rubens down onto him, breaking in the former top-only manager, making him take his dick over and over whilst sucking on his boy still. Aaron Aurora is wedged between the two fuckers and ends up being the spunk rag for them both. read more

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Jacob Daniels and Jake Bolton


Eurocreme says: Sexy young twink Jacob Daniels arrives with horny hairy man Jake Bolton and they are both visibly hot for one another.
It was difficult to pull them away for the interviews, but as soon as they were over, bearded Jake dives onto the willing and very able skinny Jacob to get down and dirty.
Our dark haired daddy loves nothing more than tasting every inch of his boy, feeling his back arch towards his pert bum as he dry humps upwards, getting eager for the real thing.
Pinned down to the bed and fucked hard, Jake doesn’t release him until he’s done, and it takes a long time for Jake to finish, he’s enjoying this way too much to let it end quickly.
Holding Jacob’s legs high and apart, Jake’s thick dick works itself back and forth, the horny daddy sliding every inch with his hips as Jacob strokes himself and tries to hold back from emptying his own balls before daddy is done with him. read more

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Drew rims Max’s smooth ass hole getting it ready for his big black dick

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Eurocreme says: Back in the office, it’s the day after the night before and Brad walks in obviously feeling the effects of his high flying lifestyle. Undeterred, it’s 4:30 and time to hit the bar once again.

Showing off about his previous conquest, cute long haired Max slowly starts to realise if he wants something, he’s gotta pay for it, and after some Dutch courage, he goes about playing with the big boys but without knowing the rules of the game. read more

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JP Dubois takes Dominic Pacifico’s big cock up his boy hole

Eurocreme says: Poor JP Dubois! The sexy young twink has had yet another rough day trying to put out fires and making sure everything at The Dreamboy gets repaired. But it hasn’t all been stress and hard work. He caught up with an old friend and relived the day Spencer Reed popped his cherry. read more

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