Corban and Jonas

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Chaos Men says: I sure underestimated Corban’s cock size when pairing him with Jonas. I knew Jonas was going to be in town to do a full-scene, and he is such an eager cocksucker, I figured he could come in a day early and spend some quality oral time with a buddy. I didn’t count on Corban being so donkey-dicked.

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I just wasn't sure Caspar could handle getting fucked by Vander's raw thick dick

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Chaos Men says: I of course wanted to put big beefy Caspar with Vander. I just wasn’t sure Caspar could handle getting fucked by Vander’s thick dick.
Caspar was definitely squirming, and normally Vander has problems staying hard when a guy is clearly struggling to take his cock. But there was a lot aggression in this video. Both guys are passionate and fucking with aggression.
Vander gets fucked too. Well, he rides Caspar like a pro, and then laid on his back so Caspar could choke fuck him! Pretty hot to see.
I usually depend on Vander getting fucked in order for him to cum, but Vander really wanted to breed Caspar. He dumps a huge load on and in Caspar’s hole.
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Alec and Troi

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Chaos Men says: This is not Alec’s first time bottoming (that was with Jonas) but what is surprising is how quickly he’s taken to being raw ass fucked by Troi. Troi slips his hard erect boy cock between Alec’s smooth ass cheeks and bareback fucks him like the pro he is. Alec however is the star as he takes this raw ass pummeling well within his stride. As both boys end with mutual orgasms and satisfied expressions on their faces. You know that this first time won’t be the last time. read more

Hayden and Isaiah

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Chaos Men says: Yup I wanted a nice easy video to film with two power players. We even work the couch, ‘cuz I know both guys are confident in their skills. It’s ironic to watch Isaiah put so much intensity into his scenes. Isaiah is on his 4 or 5th film and he is pure unbridled energy. Hayden, a seasoned pro with many films under his belt, was taken aback by the energy tossed at him.

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Eli and Stone

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Chaos Men says: With Stone’s hairy bod, I guess it has been my goal to keep him with other hairy guys. Problem is, they are so few and far between. So I opted to go with someone who really likes to fuck and be fucked. Someone who really throws all their energy into the scene. Eli is just that guy. Stone’s first video was “tentative fucking.” He was a bit worried that he was going to hurt Vance.

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Chaos Men says: Valentino does a little bit of everything. Mostly he is a fitness trainer, and obviously spends a lot of quality time in the gym. But he dances and does massage, and basically puts his body to work for him. He is about 5’7″ and must weigh over 200pds of beefy muscle. He is “bulking-up” right now so is extra thick. His quads and biceps are massive.

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