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Amateurs Do It – check these real amateur gay men!

Amateurs Do It says: There is a hot new site on the block featuring real amateur men and boys. All these guys are the real deal, never done gay porn before, but they’ve all been persuaded to give it a go, in front of the cameras. A lot of would be ‘amateur’ sites don’t pass muster on closer inspection, however Amateurs Do It, ONLY features rookie gay porn guys. I am sure that given a few months, some of these guys will be hitting the big time. As a way of introduction we are posting some profile pictures to whet your appetites. Over the coming days and weeks we’ll be featuring reviews of Amateurs Do It movies so stay tuned. Click on a profile picture will take you to that amateur gay porn ‘star’s’ profile where you can read about them in glorious detail. read more

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Amateurs Do It says: This cumpilation of some of the most explosive cum shots we’ve ever had to clean up on set will save you fast forwarding through the foreplay to get to the money shot.

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Amateurs Do It Harvey and Hunter on all fours as Leo and Levi fuck their fine asses

Amateurs Do It says: The awesome foursome head off to the bedroom to get down to the serious action. It’s a pile of man meat on the bed as they flip and change positions to make sure everyone’s cock is getting sucked. When the four stand up and compare cocks you can see that we’re working with a butcher’s full of prime cuts.
For the new guy Harvey is sucking dick like a pro, he deep throats Leo’s large one causing Leo to lie back and moan with pure pleasure. Leo’s ready and Harvey and Hunter get on all fours while Leo and Levi get ready to fuck their fine asses.
BIG THIC, he flips him around the bed in several positions before turning the tables and fucking Leo’s ass. Hunter likes what he sees and turns the tables on Levi too. Versatility is the spice of life.
It feels too fucking good and Hunter suddenly squeals ‘Fuuuuck” and blows his load. Harvey’s next to blow but Leo wants more ass. Levi lays back stroking his cock while Leo fucks his ass and the other watch on. That does the trick and the two blow huge loads over each other. Break out the energy drinks, that was epic. read more

Cooper Leigh’s Aussie underwear show

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Amateurs Do It says: Cooper Leigh drops into the studios with a bit of luggage. He has brought a full set of undies to show off, his absolute faves plus a few new ones too. Cooper is a sweet young stud with a killer body, perfectly shaped in every form.

He starts off with a chat, talking about his sex life and what he likes and dislikes. This versatile boy likes to play power top and submissive bottom, depending of course on his partner.

We then get into a fashion show, as Cooper shows off his undies including a couple of super sexy bottomless ones which really show off his sweet butt. read more

Rick Chester’s cock slides in and out of Jett’s mouth as he face fucks him

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Amateurs Do It says: Super sexy Rick Chester is back and Jett is absolutely stoked that his second appearance on camera is getting fucked by Rick. The two have instant chemistry and embrace with real intensity.

Rick’s cock slides in and out of Jett’s mouth as Rick face fucks him on the edge of the bed. Jett then lubes up Rick’s fine ass with his tongue. It’s Rick’s turn to get Jett’s hole ready for his cock onslaught and he fingers Jett’s ass making him moan with pleasure. read more

Amateurs Do It Randy and Jett hardcore ass fucking

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Amateurs Do It says: Muscled American Randy is as his name implies, randy as hell. Tattooed Jett is soon on his knees and for someone who used to be bi he’s all about cock now. He swallows Randy’s cock to the base, deepthroating the thick shaft.
He looks up at Randy as he’s sucking and swallowing, Randy slaps his sweet face with his hard cock. It’s now Jett’s turn to be standing while Randy takes a turn at the cock alter. Enough foreplay, the move to the bedroom where, after a bit more cocksucking Randy asks Jett ‘Do you want’, oh fuck yeah he does.
He climbs on board Randy’s cock and enjoys every hard inch in his ass. Randy can’t hold it anymore and explodes in a tsunami of cum all over Jett’s stomach which is soon joined by Jett’s load. read more

Behind the scenes at Amateurs Do It latest gay porn shoot

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Amateurs Do It says: As you probably know we always like to have a couple of extra cameras around for the guys to film each other during our shoots. And we often get people asking where’s the footage. Well Amateur fans here it is. This is a three part series of all those little bits and piece that the guys have shot of each other in true glorious amateur vision.

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