Black bubble butt tanky pansexual Marcus pumps iron, pees, and shoots 2 massive loads

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Island Studs says: Tanky, bubble butt, pansexual Marcus, is a very polite, well-spoken, handsome, buff African Native American video director from Detroit, with a naturally smooth solid body, a big black bubble butt.

Hottie young stud Marcus moons us, showing his tight bubble butt whilst wearing super tight black underwear which can barely contain his thick muscle ass.

He flops his big brown cock out of his undies revealing a thick bush of man dick hair before flexing his big biceps as he poses with a full boner.

While he manhandles his huge thick African Native American cock he shoots a load of pre-cum all over his hands and performs a sweaty nudist workout session with weights as his massive throbbing boner hangs between his legs.

Now fully naked, Marcus gets on his hands and knees wearing only latex cleaning gloves with his perfect feet, massive big black ass, and hairballs dangling while his pre cum leaks out of his swollen cock.

Marcus moans loudly as he shoots a river of cum that oozes out of his mushroom dick head and down his thick shaft, onto the deck between his bare feet.

Next, he takes a sexy shower, cleaning out his hairless manhole and pissing on the drain. Marcus looks considerably younger than his 37 years of age, “I still get carded,” he states with a big smile revealing the sexy Lauren Hutton “gap” between his two front teeth.

Born and raised into a large Detroit family of 7 brothers and sisters, Marcus quickly learned he had to take care of himself.

With both parents incarcerated when he was just 12 years old he was raised in foster care and quickly had to self-educate to become independent.

Listen to him speak freely and unapologetically about life in foster care until he was 19 years old, and all the jobs he has had including dishwasher and art class nude model to make money.

A self-described pansexual, horny Marcus discusses which sexual qualities he likes in women and which masculine characteristics attract him to men.

Listening to this sweet, thoughtful Afro-American artist talk about his life in his own words is so intimate and special.

Marcus may be the first model to remove his underwear while jerking his cock at the same time.

And watching his thick throbbing black cock pre-cum and leak jizz throughout is so hot.

Marcus is a big leaker and a hard worker.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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