Hot muscle jock Chris Tyler ass fucks bottom boy Shane Frost

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Dominic Ford says: This fuck match is unbelievable, the action starts on the stairs where bottom boy Shane Frost, the super sexy guy with the boyish looks and a lean, toned, smooth body meets muscular top Chris Tyler. Chris has a beautiful rippling body with a huge cock. People say it is hard to be in the same place as Chris without wanting to touch him all over. Well Shane now gets his touching moment.

The two hot naked boys kiss passionately on the stairs with Shane already holding tight to Chris’s erect dick. He clearly knows what he wants from Chris. Chris starts by sucking Shane’s huge cut cock and this quickly becomes too intense for them both. They then move to the white couch where they can go at one another more aggressively. The tension builds slowly but we know where it is going.

Shane bend over exposing his hard muscled butt and Chris enters him with force. Pumping away at Shane’s ass hole with all his muscle might. Shane braces against the couch and presses his ass back further onto Chris’s ravenous dick. All the while Chris plows away in long fast strokes, his ab muscles rippling wonderfully at each drive forward and back. Switching positions a number of times, Shane ends up on his back with his legs dangling in the air, still Chris’s ass fuck frenzy is unrelenting.

Shane’s ass hole must be red raw by now, but his face is just one of absolute carnal pleasure. Taking the lead Shane jumps on top, grabs hold of Chris’s blood engorged love tool and rams it hard and deep into his aching hole jerking his own dick as hard as he can. Their session comes to a close as both hung jocks can take it no more, first Chris blows a huge load all across Shane and then shortly after Chris pumps out a huge cumshot. These boys know gay sex. Get this video at Dominic Ford!


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