Belami: Naked boys Gallery

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Adam is the fourth member of Bel Ami's new twink generation that includes Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer and Kevin Warhol. He is just as colorful as the others and, in various ways, was the most difficult to shoot in the beginning. But G. Duroy instinctively felt he would be a first-class model just from looking at his photos. However, his first casting was a disaster. For a year, there was no improvement, but George persisted, despite misgivings from his collaborators. Then Adam met Dario Dolce and everything changed. They became instant close friends. Dario is an exhibitionist who loves to perform and this quality rubbed off on Adam. He quickly transformed into a first-class performer within a matter of months. Adam is a Casanova, a natural-born seducer. This alluring quality can be seen even in his first photosessions. b053b_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_jack_harrer b053b_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_andre_boleyn
Adam Archuleta Jack Harrer Andre Boleyn
19931_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_manuel_rios  ae6c7_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_lukas_ridgeston1  8c746_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_jim_kerouac
 Manuel Rios  Lukas Ridgeston  Jim Kerouac
 ae6c7_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_josh_elliot  19931_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_tommy_hansen  8c746_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_vadim_farrell
 Josh Elliot  Tommy Hansen  Vadim Farrell
 b053b_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_kevin_warhol  19931_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_todd_rosset  ae6c7_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_benjamin_bloom
 Kevin Warhol  Todd Rosset Benjamin Bloom
 8c746_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_paul_valery1  b053b_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_dario_dolce  b7aa1_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_sebastian_bonnet
 Paul Valery  Dario Dolce  Sebastian Bonnet
 8c746_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_dolph_lambert1  8c746_Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_ralph_woods  Bel_Ami_presents_Naked_Hung_European_Twink_kris_evans1
 Dolph Lambert  Ralph Woods Kris Evans

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