Seth Johnson

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Dallas Reeves says: Seth Johnson gets comfortable on the bed as he prepares to have some quality alone time. In his jeans, bare feet, and unbuttoned T-shirt, he looks every bit the sexy young man he is.
Soon enough, he slips off his shirt and gets out of his jeans so that he is only wearing boxers. Reclining on the bed, Seth slides his hand down his shorts to grab his cock.
Seth’s young athletic body looks great, but it looks even better once his underwear come off. Seth is sporting a nice tool, and he gently works it with his hand, as his other hand caresses his chest.
Seth is the kind of guy that likes to take things nice and slow, especially on an afternoon by himself. He jerks off slowly at first, but after a few minutes his breathing grows heavier and he begins grasping his balls as he strokes.
Seth hops up on his knees, then stands on the bed. This gives us a great view of his hot bubble butt! His show isn’t close to over yet, though. He lies back down and throws one leg over the other, exposing his tight pink butthole. He moves a finger toward it, and then into it.
The hot ass play lasts for a while, and gets Seth worked up enough to bust. As he rolls back onto his back, he jerks much faster in anticipation of climax.
Seth shoots a hot warm load all over his stomach, and then continues to stroke his dick, satisfied and happy. read more

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Johnny Forza jackhammer fucks Dustin Steele’s tight hole

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Dallas Reeves says: Johnny Forza and Dustin Steele are playing a friendly game of billiards. Dustin ups the ante by suggesting the winner gets to do “whatever he wants” with the other guy. Johnny agrees, which gives Dustin extra incentive to win the game.

Sure enough, Dustin wins, and before Johnny knows it, Dustin is on his knees with Johnny’s dick in his mouth. Johnny’s cock perks up to a full erection the minute Dustin’s warm mouth surrounds his pole.

Dustin gives Johnny a great BJ until Johnny encourages him to stand up. Johnny begins to kiss Dustin passionately, and the two studs jerk each others’ cocks. Dustin lies on the pool table, letting Johnny undress him, and then Johnny leans over to take Dustin’s dick into his mouth. read more

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The Forza Brothers and Vadim Black

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Dallas Reeves says: Vadim Black was at the shower with Donny Forza and he’s enjoying sucking Donny’s big cock. They had a good time making out there but the fun was just starting when, after taking the shower together, went to Johnny Forza’s room to surprise him from his sleep. It was a big surprise indeed and the two brothers got Vadim taking their huge dicks in his ass and mouth while in bed. It’s a great bareback pleasure especially if you have two of the hottest brothers nailing you. read more

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Dallas Reeves and Maxx Fitch

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Dallas Reeves says: When Dallas Reeves hired a new Pool cleaner he never expected to get the service from such a hot stud as Maxx Fitch. They both started servicing each cocks and Maxx loves to feel Dallas cock getting inside his ass bareback until both cum.

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Dallas Reeves and Donny Forza

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Dallas Reeves says: It was great experience for Donny Forza when he went for boat sailing, but it got his body salty so Dallas Reeves suggested to go for shower and help him clean up. Giving Donny a body rub, he let Donny go suck his big cock and finally fucked his tight ass.

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