24 year old Chris Tyler uses two hands to stroke his juicy fat beef

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Paragon Men says: Chris Tyler is happy to see us – and the feeling is mutual! We’ve got a shameless crush on this freshly squeezed Florida pro(duce). There is simply more to love. Mischievous smile, delicious ass (thanks for the close-ups for our tonguecam), and the fact he has three balls in his sack! Each one the size of a lemon! Oh, the bounty.

Evolution has arrived. “Now with triple the flavor” reads the ad campaign for an anatomical anomaly that would definitely take gold at the teabaggers convention. There may even be a few blissfully suffocated casualties.

This triple threat is 24, 5’8”, manscapes impeccably, and drives fast cars to meditate. Chris identifies as bisexual (they’re greedy, but they exist), but with sex, it’s only one partner at a time because he “doesn’t like to share”. Did Kindergarten fail him?

Sharing is caring! Which is precisely the reason he’s been mounted on the Paragon pedestal to shoot (and be shot) to please all and sundry. Sometimes, he uses two hands to stroke his juicy fat beef. He could use a third. As noted, that’s the charm! Get this video at Paragon Men!


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